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    This blog is dedicated to a mystic and mythic vision of Christianity; as well as to an allegorical and metaphorical interpretation of texts. I believe that logic and reason should be the chief form of Christian communication. However, as a student of Christian history and theology, I occasionally yearn for an outlet for a more colorful and supra-rational vision of my faith. Nevertheless, logic and reason will inevitably seep into this blog. Unfortunately, modern readers, who are accustomed to a strong division between the mystical and the logical, might find such juxtapositions to be jarring. Therefore, I invite my readers to respond to my tentative musings with thought provoking, constructive dialog.
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An Introduction to Erotic Madness

“In me, mania and sophrosyne are intertwined. In me, the lion and the lamb have lain down together with neither subjugating the other”

Eros and the Life of the Theologian, 2

“…Christians should recognize their lack and become schemers after the beautiful and the good.”

Eros and the Life of the Theologian, Pt. 1

“I think Plato raises many issues that the modern Christian should not ignore.”

God’s Clothing

“I would like to suggest that God’s incarnation is humanity’s only pathway to God.”

I scanned this image a few years ago, but I can't remember the source.

On God’s Ineffability

“God is infinitely ineffable, infinitely unknowable, and infinitely beyond thought.”

Bodmer XV, John 1:1

In the beginning….

“God’s existence is not tentative, mine is.”