In the beginning….

For quite sometime, I have been wanting to write down some of my thoughts concerning my faith in Christ.  It is my hope that as I write these words I will attract a diverse audience composed of people from a variety of faiths (or none), not because I am hoping to convert my readers, but because I enjoy listening to thoughtful perspectives that differ from my own.  In other words, this blog, like most blogs, is self-centered.  In my case, I have no desire to better others with my words of wisdom.  Instead, I hope that the questions and problems that I raise in this blog might elicit a dialogue that draws me closer to Truth.

Now, I will start by trying to express my complex faith as simply as possible.  If I were to summarize my faith with one sentence, then I would borrow Saint Paul’s words and invest them with new meaning: “Let God be True, and let every man be a liar.”  I could offer a so-called historic-literal interpretation of this verse and make my Christian Evangelical audience feel comfortable.  However, I want to offer a “spiritual” interpretation of these words that unpack how I understand my Faith.

Ultimately, God and Man are in an obviously hierarchical relationship.  God is real.  I am Shadow.  God’s existence is not tentative, mine is.  Frequently, philosophers and theologians like to prove God’s existence or his lack of existence.  However, I take his existence as given, while my existence is something that requires proof.  God is Good.  I am not.  By definition!  I do not base this upon some argument.

Now, it seems to me that expressing truth is a religious experience and rational thinking is a mystical experience.  Thus, with this partial definition of faith in mind, I am consumed by three questions.

  1. Who is God?
  2. Who am I (as an individual and as a member of a species)?
  3. What sort of relationship is possible/desirable between God and man?

In my next post, I will begin with some thoughts on the first question.  I will look at God’s transcendence and offer the position that God is unknowable and unspeakable.

10 Responses to “In the beginning….”
  1. tom says:

    looking forward to your next one, ya talib Allah.

  2. Nancy M. says:

    If God is real and we are shadow (and I am completely willing to accept this statement as a foundation of belief/praxis/knowledge) how can we know anything about the answers to your three questions? Perhaps you will address this in your next post, but I really think that part of the deal is that we can’t know.

    • isandisnot says:

      Actually, in the next post I was planning on raising that exact question! It is a problem that I find quite problematic. Maybe, in the post after next, I will offer a tentative answer to how we can know think and speak about God. Unfortunately, my St. Ephrem poems are packed away, so a more exhaustive account might have to wait until after we move.

  3. dion says:

    I like how you started! One of my favorite sayings found in Psalm 116: In my dismay I declared all men liars.

    We are hard pressed to find truth in ourselves at times, but we know it exsist because we see glimpses of it. We do shadow those truths but often misrepresent or reflect a poor image of it!

    I know your thoughts go deeper than this, but it is interesting that our very exsistence points to something greater!

    • isandisnot says:

      Dion, thanks for stopping by. Sometime within the next few weeks, I will be talking specifically about the experience of “catching glimpses” of God. At that point, all will see why I stressed on the home page that this blog will offer a mystical vision of Christianity.

  4. dion says:

    and forgive me if I mispelled something. it is only a reflection of tge truth that I was trying to convey!

  5. Katie says:

    Loving the beginning of this.

  6. Dusty S Cook says:

    Hi Colby:
    Thanks for inviting me to your blog. Looks like some interesting dialog going on here. I look forward to being part of the discussion.

  7. chris says:

    Hey Colby,

    Found you via Dan Petersen’s Facebook comment thread. I dig what you’re saying here, but I can’t wrap my mind around how you have reached such conclusions. What does it mean, exactly, to say that your existence (but not God’s) is what requires proof? I think that sounds really nice as a creed, but to be perfectly frank it sounds dishonest to me. I don’t believe you for a second when you say that. I can understand philosophically the question “Do I really exist, or am I a thought in the mind of some being, etc,” and I can even get behind the idea that one takes as a given the existence of God. But to say that God’s existence, which we have infinitely less evidence of than of our own, is the given strikes me as just a nice thing to say.

    That said, I’ll keep reading your other posts; perhaps you clear this all up later. Thanks for sharing.

    • isandisnot says:

      Thanks for reading Chris. As you can see, I started this blog last summer, but I haven’t touched it in about 8 months. Hopefully, soon I can return to writing more. For, much is left unsaid.

      Your objection is an interesting one. I am not sure how to address it. I am a little confused by the embedded second order statements, which was brought about by my wording and compounded by your response.I think I will start by rephrasing what I think is your objection. And if you agree with that, then perhaps I can try to address that. If I understand correctly you are suggesting that not only is the belief system outlined here not worthy of belief, but it isn’t even worthy to believe that another person can truly believe such things. This would then mean that my blog entries are either hypocritical, dishonest, or careless.

      In this post I said, “However, I take his existence as given, while my existence is something that requires proof. God is Good. I am not. By definition! I do not base this upon some argument.” Are you saying that you don’t believe that I truly believe this? or Are you saying that you don’t believe that this is true?

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